Monday, March 15, 2010

So Excited!

If you haven't seen my goddaughters on my other blog, let me introduce you to them now.
Meet Julia aka "Bug" - she's almost 5 years old, such a big girl! But I have loved her since the moment I got the phone call from her daddy, announcing that "the most beautiful baby girl in the world" had been born. She holds the honor of being my very first "niece" - although we are not related by blood. Not technically her godmother, but her parents christened me with the title "Auntie" the first time I met her and I've been relishing it ever since. Her mom, Lisa, often starts phone conversations with, "I'm calling you since you're the only person who loves my daughter as much as I do...". Bug is also the one who started calling me "Auntie Rachie" - and its stuck. Occasionally, if other children are around, its "My Rachie" - and I wouldn't have it any other way! I adore her.
And then there is Ava aka "Bean" - my actual "goddaughter" and the cutest thing since chubby cheeks were invented. I've known Ava longer than anyone else outside her parents - I was the ONLY person who knew about her mom's pregnancy for the first 4 months! So, I consider it a head start in bonding with her. Ava is a smiley and silly 15 months old now! And, as destiny would have it, she is soon to be the "middle child" as her mom is pregnant again! Lisa and I consider it perfect symetry since we have bonded over being the "middles" and I will always understand Ava's plight in the birth order scheme. She is my little sunshine.

Even though my sweet girls live 6 hours away, I make efforts to visit them every couple of months. And they are usually visiting family in Chicago on the opposite months so I see them often.

But in a couple weeks, we mark a historic event! Bug is finally old enough to come visit and stay with me BY HERSELF! I am beyond excited and have big plans for our 4 days together. They include an indoor waterpark, the zoo and a trip to the theater if I can find a good kids show playing. There will be much excitement and plenty of pictures to show off our good time - I promise!

And now for the double excitement - Lisa just called to ask if I'd want to keep BOTH girls for two days in July while she goes to a friend's wedding. Um... really? You had to ask that question? The correct presentation would have been to call and say, "I'm dropping off your girls for two days in July - get ready!" There is no way I'd say no to these darlings!

I'm giddy with excitement. I can't wait to make plans for special time with my girls!!


  1. Oh how much fun you are going to have! Can't wait to hear about it.