Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lets get serious ok?

All of you have read my other blog, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that I once had depression. Notice the use of past tense there? I'll get back to it. It also shouldn't be a surprise that I am in therapy - though not really for my depression, more because I was stressing out over my dad getting remarried last November. Anyways, if you didn't know those things - now you do!

On with the point of this blog post:

I tried to stop going to therapy about about 2 months ago. I'm over my dad getting remarried, he isn't stressing me out much anymore, and family life seems to have calmed down - so I talked to my therapist and we set a date for our last session the next week.

I had a full on meltdown over that weekend. (Yes, the couch/boyfriend incident.)

I decided to stay in therapy.

And therapy is good - we are addressing all my feelings about turning 30, not being married, and why I am not loving my job these days. My therapist and I agree - I'm not clinically depressed.

I'm just finding myself at a place in my life where I need a change.

A big change.

But I just don't really know what that change is going to be yet.

But, I'm just putting it out there.

I need a change.


  1. thinks I left too fast after I commented. I can never remember who has those squiggly letters.

    Like we talked today change can be good it just sucks in the middle of it. Wondering what yours will be....

  2. Girl, every social worker needs a therapist. I'm looking for one myself. I didn't even realize I'd have such a reaction to delving into the past that I so willingly pretend never happened. And I've sure seen depression in my day too. I'll post about it when I get there. I've been thinking about changes too. I'd love to do child therapy at some point. Love yourself... we all do :)

  3. therapy=love

    seriously, i love love love going to therapy. after spending so much time tending to the needs of others, its nice to have someone taking care of ME.

    as for your big change, i vote you move to raleigh so we could be friends.

  4. You guys are all the best!


  5. I have a love/hate relationship with therapy, lol. My current therapist likes to tease me about firing him, because I just stopped going to my other 2 therapists.

    And I think you should move to Texas...just cause it's the best state and all ;) We could hit up Austin!!