Monday, March 8, 2010

My Day in Texts 2

The Backstory: A couple of times this past year I've had some weird dry/cracked skin on one of my thumbs. Kinda ichy, kinda painful at times - but no big deal. I'm not one to freak out over minor ailements.

But my friend Kass is - she has spent many a day on WebMD diagnosing herself with various syndromes and fatal illnesses. We both also love to watch a lot of medical dramas and documentaries.

Well, today I mentioned my weird patch of dry skin to someone and they said it might be eczema. I'd thought about this possibility before, so I figured I go on WebMD to check it out.

Hence, this text convo today:

{Me} OMGosh. Now I get why U are a hypochondriac!! I just went on WebMd!

{Kass} Uh oh. What R U dying from?

{Me} Not only have I diagnosed what kind of eczema I have, I'm convinced that I'm turning into the tree man!

{Kass} Yeah, that's not good.



  1. I worked under a woman who was a hypochondriac and did the same thing to herself. Talk about stress, which def. can make you sick, only causing you to be more hypocondriatic (word?)

  2. My best friend and I spend *way* too much time diagnosing ourselves with both physical illness and mental illness. She was practically pre-med and I have a psychology/mental health/social work background. I'm not sure of the exact path but one night our conversation ended up with us wikipedia-ing the differences between typhus and typhoid...yeah that was an appetizing conversation...