Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Bug!

To my favorite FIVE year old:

This was you almost exactly one year ago - you had just turned four. I remember thinking forward to this momentous birthday - 5 seemed so old! Five year olds are not babies anymore! They aren't even preschoolers - you'll be off to Kindergarten soon! I remember secretly hoping that this year would be slow.... and I thought I told you to stop growing up!

I can still remember the call I got, (after waiting by my phone for 36 hours!), announcing that you had been born! The call came at 10:30 pm and I couldn't sleep because I was so thrilled! And I was so excited to meet you four weeks later when you came to be baptized. You were so tiny, but with delicious chubby cheeks, and the sweetest demeanor. Your Mommy and I talked a lot about what kind of kid you would be when you got older - but you are much more than we could have imagined!

You are impossibly sweet - kind to everyone, concerned about others, and a fantastic big sister! You are beautiful - a happy, girly-girl, lover of all things princess! You already have a great faith in God - and concern for others knowing about him too! (I'll never forget you once asking me, "Rachie? Does the caterpillar have Jesus in his heart?") You are so smart - a watcher of the world around you, curious, a questioner and already reading! I can't believe you are already FIVE!

But I am so anxious to watch you grow up even more. You are such a terrific little person - I am certain that there are many good things in store for your future! And, I am already planning for some fun activities and events in the years to come!

I love you - my little J!


Your Rachie

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