Friday, March 12, 2010


So, for a brief moment tonight I was completely ecstatic about my tax returns.
They are really good this year.
Really good.
I even sent out a Tweet about how excited I was about them! I mean, if you saw what the
beginning of Friday was like for me, you'd understand.
But then I remembered the curse.
The curse of my tax return money.
Don't believe me? Think I'm exaggerating?
Three years ago,
shortly after receiving my returns, my computer crashed and I had to buy a new one. Not a huge deal - but not what I had planned.
Two years ago,
I had big plans to save my return money because I was really struggling financially. (And lets be honest here, I still am!) But less than a month after it was deposited into my bank account, my roommate bailed on me and I ended up using every penny to get out of my lease and move to a new place.
Last year,
I had noticed the pattern and actually posted "Just deposited my tax returns into the bank, now waiting for the other shoe to drop" on my facebook status. And within 24 HOURS I was involved in a car accident that cost me pretty much the entire amount.
This is seriously how my life works.
I deleted the Tweet - this is nothing to mess with here.
I am not even kidding.
Does anyone want my tax return money? I think I'm better off without it.


  1. Some may call you paranoid but I believe in the power of curses. Among a certain group of my friends there is a phrase that is cursed. If it is uttered the person who said it gets into a car accident or has major car trouble. Always. And I can't tell you what that phrase is because A) it would count as me saying it and B) it would include you in the curse. I have witnessed ppl on many occasions say the phrase and not be affected by it so long as they dont know about the curse.

    So basically while I'd love your tax return, but since I know it's cursed it probably wouldnt do me any good :)