Monday, April 12, 2010

Randon Conversations

So, last night I went out to dinner with my bestie Kass and her newest "guy she's seeing" (she refuses to use the word boyfriend). We were having a great time and were sitting around after dinner chatting.

Somehow we got on the topic of random thoughts that enter you mind - like when you are looking out the window of a really tall building and for a split second you mind flashes to what would happen if the window plane fell out? Or when you are driving on a bridge and you wonder what would happen if your car swerved out of control and flew over the railing? (Gosh, I hope those of you reading this blog also have these thoughts... otherwise we will seem crazier than I intend... )

Anyways, I mentioned that I went to the aquarium a couple months ago and had a random thought as I was watching the dolphins swim in the underwater viewing area.

What if the glass somehow broke and all the water and dolphins came rushing out over all these people?

To which Kass jumped in to say that she totally would have that same thought and we laughed for a minute about the various terrible parts of that scenario - the rushing wave of water, all the people bumping into each other, the possibility that a dolphin would bite you...

To which her guy Ray jumped in and insisted that a dolphin would NEVER bite someone.

We totally disagreed - we both think that a dolphin's natural instinct when confused and threatened would be to bite someone. Not try to attack and devour them! Just, in the chaos of flailing limbs and thrashing bodies.... they might react out of fear.

Ray absolutely insisted that would never happen. We took a poll of the waitresses and bartender - the stock response was something along the lines of, "Awwwww... but dolphins LOVE people! They'd never hurt anybody! They'd probably carry you to safety on their dorsal fins!" Seriously people? This is not Flipper we are talking about! This is an animal that is used to living in a calm, contained tank - suddenly flushed out a broken window into a crowd of terrified people. Pretty sure its not going to be thinking about MY well being!

Anywho - so I posed this question on Twitter and Facebook:

JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION - don't give alternate options!! You are in the downstairs "underwater viewing" area at your aquarium watching the dolphins swim around underwater. All of a sudden the glass breaks and out rushes all the water and the dolphins. Do you think it is a POSSIBILITY that - in all the chaos and confusion - a dolphin might feel threatened and bite/snap at a human who was flailing around?

Thoughts? Please discuss.


  1. Lmao, I need to read blogs more than twice a month. First of all. Your little bug is a DOLL. and secondly. Heck yes the dolphins are gonna nip. Bite. Thrash. Holy Holy. The chaos.

  2. Okay, seriously. I do this ALL the time. I thought I was just a weirdo. So I welcome the company LoL. And then... today I was in a meeting and had this random thought about what if that clock over this guys head fell and bonked him. Why? Why not. LoL. I so thought of you in that moment.

  3. lmao you guys are funny...Guess I am the odd ball, I dont have thoughts like that..Thanks for the laugh. Its totally possible that the dolphin could bite.