Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bug: Day One, Part Three!

We got home and rested most of the rest of the afternoon. And by "rested", I mean she watched Princess and the Frog again while I attempted to rest my eyes.

We went out to run an errand and play at the McDonald's playland for a little bit and then I told her that I had a birthday surprise waiting for her back at home. We made a deal to go home, take a short bath, have her bday surprise, and then bedtime. She tried to guess what her surprise was all the way home and through her bath. (In which I let her use all my kitchen utensils and measuring cups to make up for the lack of real bath toys.)

While she finished up playing in the bath, I got her surprise ready:

I got her out of the tub and into PJs and then made her wait while I lit the candles.

Her face when she walked out was perfection:

And we ended the day pretty much the way we started it - eating in bed! This girl is a total homebody and would probably be perfectly content if we did this for the next 48 hours. But I have other plans in store for us - and of course, I will be blogging them!


  1. I have loved watching the adventures you two are having together. Bug looks so happy.

  2. You're only making me want to be a princess more.

    Love the hand in the goldfish bag. :)