Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bug: Day One, Part One

O. M. Goodness.

I am sure that I have exceeded my usual word quota today about 10x over.

She's not even super chatty nor is it because she needs a lot of redirection - the exact opposite is true! I guess its just a natural byproduct of having another person around... but I swear my vocal cords, tongue and lips are tired! And so is the rest of me!

Bug got here late last night, I went and picked her up where her Mom and sister are staying at about 8pm. By the time we got back here, got in PJs, and settled into bed it was well past 10pm. But she was in love with my dogs and the feeling was pretty much mutual:

So after watching some of "Princess and the Frog" and a bedtime story... she was asleep pretty quickly.

Until about 5:30 this morning - which is obviously when her cough medicine wore off.

It took me a few minutes to figure that out because I actually hadn't heard her cough last night before her mom gave her the cough syrup. But when she started coughing this morning I started debating waking her enough to give her more. When I checked the bottle to see if she could have more yet, I discovered it was due to wear off practically the same minute she'd started coughing. Never realized how accurate those timeframes were!

So, at about 6:15 she rolled over and flung herself over my body and opened her eyes. I took that as my cue and gave her more cough medicine. I hoped that if I was really quiet she'd go back to sleep for the last 45 minutes before my alarm was set to go off.

No such luck.

In about 10 more minutes there were simultaneous requests for water, breakfast, and to finish watching her movie. So, I complied to all three:

And here she is watching her movie in bed while I make her breakfast - which she ate in bed.

Must be nice to be the Princess! :)

(To be continued!)

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  1. May I please come and be the princess? I could get used to that lifestyle. :)